Which GPS Watch Reviews to Believe?

A runner looking for GPS watch reviews means one thing: they are getting serious about their running business.  They may have realized that a simple runner’s watch does not cut it anymore, and having GPS technology is something that would enhance … [Continue reading]

Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch

The Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch is mud and dirt resistant making it an ideal runner watch for those who hit the trail when running. Casio, famous for giving the world the quartz crystal regulated digital watches for running has  gone a step … [Continue reading]

Adidas Women’s Training Lahar Watch

The Adidas Women’s Training Lahar Watch speaks of the quality and comfort that Adidas provides to its customers. Adidas started out as a company that provided athletes with shoes but now it is the most recognizable brand for sportswear. Adidas has a … [Continue reading]

Considering GPS Watch Reviews When Shopping

For runners who think they have outgrown their first runner watch, looking for one that has updated and more sophisticated features may be in order. One of the features that would greatly benefit a serious runner is a GPS feature.  It is no wonder … [Continue reading]

Some Necessary Features of Runner Watches

For those who want to go on occasional leisurely runs to make their hearts healthy and keep in shape, a runner watch is not really a necessity. However, for those who are serious in the business of maintaining their health and getting better in … [Continue reading]