Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch

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The Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor watch has been targeted at runners who are actively training as it keeps track of the speed and the distance in addition to your heart rate. The Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor watch is Polar’s highest selling heart rate monitor. Should you buy it or should you wait for the next device to be out in the market? Read our review for instant help.

Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor watch: Design

Design wise, the Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor watch is sleek and good looking. At the beginning when Polar had just brought out this device, a lot of people complained that the strap was not comfortable.  The edition you get to buy now thus comes with a strap that is hardly noticeable. The monitor is large and has a user friendly display.  It has been designed as a ‘training computer’. All the information you need is displayed on the monitor.

Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor watch: Usability

The Polar RS300X is very comfortable to wear. It is high on usability. When you set and program the device for the very first time, you will have to use the manual. But after that, when you get the hang of it, you can do it on your own. As mentioned before, wearing the chest strap for hours on end will not give you any discomfort. The model will let you measure your aerobic rate of fitness when you are resting and sports features like Zonelock and Zone Pointer as well. It lets you store information of 16 training sessions which makes it your perfect companion if you happen to be a training athlete.

Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor watch: Features

The Polar RS300X is high on features, but that is something everyone expects from Polar. Using Polar’s Own Zone technology, you will get the ability to create your own areas and specific zones of intensity and split it into different kinds such as distance and speed per panel, auto lap splits, fitness tests and heart rate. This technology is definitely worth mentioning as it will alert you if you happen to fall higher or lower a zone that you want to stay within! Information about 16 of your latest sessions can be stored in it so that you can understand exactly what development you are making in your training. At the end of your workout, you will get a summary of everything. If you need motivation and don’t want a trainer, the Polar RS300X will be a great buy! Another feature is the OwnCal technology which will keep track of the calories you are burning and your progress.

Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor watch: Summary

If you buy the Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch, it will definitely be money is well spent. For runners and athletes alike, a good device such as this is an important buy and the Polar S300X is second to none.

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