Some Necessary Features of Runner Watches

For those who want to go on occasional leisurely runs to make their hearts healthy and keep in shape, a runner watch is not really a necessity. However, for those who are serious in the business of maintaining their health and getting better in running, running watches would prove to be a huge help.  This device would assist in making a run more interesting, as it would tell the runner his or her speed at particular intervals, how far and how long the run has been going on, and therefore, tell the runner if any improvements have been made since he or she has started to take up running. But, what are some necessary features of runner watches?

But this information on runner watches are mostly about men’s running watches or unisex watches.  With regard to ladies running watches, the selection is not well advertised.  But then, there are specific characteristics, particularly in design, that should be present in a ladies running watch, like smaller faces, brighter hues and more curvy and lightweight feel.  But then, no matter whether the topic is about a men’s or womens running watch, there are particular features that anyone shopping for them should be looking for.

Even a basic runner watch should include some straightforward functions, the first of which is sufficient memory.  This memory will be used to record important data that can be compared to check the runner’s progress, such as his or her number of laps for distance work and lap times for speed work.  This function is closely related to two other functions that are deemed important: a timer and a lap counter.  Of course, the runner cannot calculate how fast he or she is without a timer (both ordinary and standard) and how his or her capacity to tackle longer distances may have improved without a lap counter.  Of course, other features such as easy to access buttons, a readable screen, and being water resistant also spell more benefits for the serious runner.

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