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Freestyle Shark Classic Digital Running Watch

The Freestyle Shark Classic digital running watch is a casual timepiece looks great especially because of the white plastic case and silver dial, although it is available in other colors. Offering a great Japanese Quartz movement, Freestyle Shark Classic Digital runner watch is well protected by mineral crystal. It is a well known fact that mineral crystal is extremely durable in such cases. Freestyle Shark Classic Digital running watches have been an instant hit among the ladies. A large number of reviewers have already spoken volumes on how great a running watch for women it is. Now that the watch has been tried and tested by hundreds of women already, it is possible to write a realistic review on the design, usability and functionality. Now it is possible to dig out for the accurate views of the women on this watch and in-person testing results to write a straightforward review. Read on to find an in-depth analysis of Freestyle Shark Classic Digital running watch.

Freestyle Shark Classic: Design / Comfort

Most women do not really buy fitness watches for running or general workouts. Even if they do, they tend to give equal importance to design and function. It is also an additional accessory that women want to wear just for fun. Manufacturers of Freestyle Shark Classic Digital have tried their best to add this element of fun. You are likely to receive a multitude of compliments for the great style and appearance of this watch. In fact, you may just end up liking this runner watch more than other fashionable alternatives. A clean design along with basic features actually make Freestyle Shark Classic Digital watch an obvious choice for women looking to try something sporty, delicate and beautiful.

Freestyle Shark Classic: Usability

Most women who have tried this watch in the past said that Freestyle Shark Classic Digital watch was a great fit and it gave no problems at all. One can use this watch in just any environment without inviting any damage. Since controls on the watch are easy and intuitive, a number of women have used this watch during skim boarding and surfing. You can start a stop watch or configure an alarm easily through buttons on the side.

Freestyle Shark Classic: Features

With a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, you can be assured that this running watch will be your companion for a very long time; at least until the time you end up losing it somewhere. The product is completely water resistant up to 100m. This medium sized runner watch is perfect for any woman looking to buy something that has a great form as well as standard function. The most important features available in Freestyle Shark Classic Digital include stopwatch, chronograph functions and dual time.

Freestyle Shark Classic: Summary

Freestyle Shark Classic Digital has been proven to be a great hit among all other ladies running watches available in the market. For many women, Freestyle Shark Classic Digital is the best running watch ever because it adds flair and style to a woman’s wrist on almost every occasion. This watch is usually recommended for casual workouts and training. As pointed out above, a number of women are also using it for surfing.

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Casio G-Shock Tough Culture Running Watch

This Casio G-Shock Tough Culture watch is truly a delight for consumers who love the active way of life and need a rugged sporty watch to complement their lifestyle. The Casio G-Shock Tough Culture has been quite popular around the world because of its sporty sensibilities and continues to be one of the top choices in the runners’ watch market. Would you invest money buying it? Well, read our review to find out!

Casio G-Shock Tough Culture: Design

The Casio G-Shock Tough Culture is a functional piece of equipment that has been designed keeping in mind sports and athletics enthusiasts. It has the rugged sensibilities that are expected in a watch a triathlon athlete would wear on her hand to keep track of her workouts. The top face of the watch has 3 sub dials which will help you keep track of the laps that have been run. Analog-quartz has been used for this watch. Since it is available in white, it may suggest that it has been meant for a younger audience. But that is certainly not the truth. We think that the white color make it a unisex wear, something that both the sexes would feel comfortable sporting on their arms.

Casio G-Shock Tough Culture: Usability

The Casio G-Shock Tough Culture is easy to use and you won’t have trouble setting it up and operating it the first time. First off, the dials are clear and easy to read. If you are training in the sunlight, reading the watch or hitting the dials will not be a problem. This functional watch is also good for times when you may sweat a little too much as it is water resistant. In fact, you can even go swimming in it, considering that it has water resistance to up to 200 meters! The one thing we felt was a minus point was the fact that since it is white in color, the dye from dark clothes that the wearer is wearing may run off onto it.

Casio G-Shock Tough Culture: Features

The Casio G-Shock Tough Culture watch that may not sport GPS or a heart rate monitor or even a pedometer, but it is quite a good buy for people who find too many features in their watches confusing but would yet want a sporty device. The water resistance feature is a hands- down winner for people who like to go swimming and keep track of the number of laps they swam along with their speed and time. The countdown timer and flash alert also works well. The EL backlight that this watch comes with is useful if you want to see in the dark or inside the swimming pool. The multiple alarms are a wonderful addition too.

Casio G-Shock Tough Culture: Summary

The Casio G-Shock Tough Culture is the perfect runner’s watch who love to hit the trails and get dirty. Sport it the next time you go running on a mud trail! It’s perfect!

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Casio Unisex Casual Sports Runners Watch

The Casio Unisex Casual Sports Watch W756-1AV  isn’t just another running watch with a countdown timer and stopwatch. These feature rich running watches are a runner’s delight.

Casio Unisex Casual Sports Watch: Design / Comfort

Compared to other running watches for men and women, Casio Unisex Casual Sports Watch W756-1AV is a bit thick. If you like men’s sports watches, you will appreciate the design of this runner watch a lot. It fits well on your wrist and the overall appearance of this watch is great. However, do not go about the design layout alone. Some words on the watch itself are a little misleading. For example, the watch has a label ‘blue black light’ on it. However, there is no such thing on the watch. There is only an orange LED on this watch. This LED works just fine. However, it is not as great as blue-white lights in some other watches.

Casio Unisex Casual Sports Watch: Usability

Operating the Casio Unisex Casual Sports Watch W756-1AV is easy and intuitive for everyone. Some people may find it a little difficult to use different modes in the beginning. That’s usually because pressing the same button to set a new mode can be a little time confusing. Since every mode produces a different beep sound, it is easy to recognize to the target mode while pressing the button. Current time is always displayed on one side. Therefore, you don’t need to press any button to check current time. It is easy to change alarms or button beeps on this watch.

Casio Unisex Casual Sports Watch: Features

Casio Unisex Casual Sports Watch W756-1AV has got some extra timer features. These features are particularly useful for referees. You may not find them of any use at all for yourself. The battery of this running watch may last for over a day or two. Do not go by the standard battery related specs of the watch. That’s because these specs assume you will use every feature for just one time in a week, which by all means is impossible. It has got a number of different preset countdown timers. Many people also like the auto-repeat feature of this running watch. Casio Unisex Casual Sports Watch W756-1AV has an alarm with pretty standard features. This alarm bells an hourly chime by default. It is possible to turn off all button beeps on the watch.

Casio Unisex Casual Sports Watch: Summary

Considering the total price of the product, Casio Unisex Casual Sports Watch W756-1AV is a value for the money. It is great for referees. You can have it for a general workout purpose.

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Adidas Fitness Digital Running Watch

Adidas Fitness Digital watches for men and women have been quite popular in the past as they offer a wide range of features along with a great style.

Adidas Fitness Digital Watches: Design / Comfort

Adidas Fitness Digital running watches have become early hits among testers all over. This is mostly due to the level of comfort in using this running watch. While a person is running fast on a road or anywhere else, it is possible to operate the Adidas Fitness Digital runner watch without any hassle. A large number of people appreciated this watch for light weight.

Adidas Fitness Digital has a narrow design. This design looks great but not every person is in love with such designs. Therefore, it is important that you check this watch physically at least once before you make up your mind to have one.

Some people have complained that the band of the Adidas Fitness Digital watch discolors within a few months of usage. It may not be a problem for a person who keeps changing watches after routine intervals. However, fading colors are not pleasing at all to someone who intends to use a watch for a long time. Yellowish brown colored worn-out band can be a turn-off to anyone. It’s also a fact that such discolorations take place mostly when the band of the watch is exposed to water and high-low temperatures. If a runner takes a good care of the watch, it is possible to keep its colors intact for a very long time.

Adidas Fitness Digital Watches: Usability

As described above, operating Adidas Fitness Digital is extremely easy. All controls of this running watch are extremely intuitive. You will never need to go through the manual to use various features.

Some people have complained about the readability though. Digits displayed on the screen of the Adidas Fitness Digital are taller than usual. These digits are not easily read by everyone. While some people may appreciate these taller digits, others may find it difficult to read anything in chronograph mode. Chronograph functions of the watch are easy to understand but you will need to have a little eye for the detail to operate it real quick.

Adidas Fitness Digital Watches: Features 

Most reviewers appreciated the shadow face functionality of this watch. In fact, this one additional functionality can make Adidas Fitness Digital the best running watch for many people. With shadow face function, one can easily compare lap times without wasting a moment. Although this running watch is rich in much desired features, you need to pay attention to the sleek design as well.

Adidas Fitness Digital Watches: Summary

Adidas Fitness Digital can be the best running watch for a large number of people. However, it is not a perfect running watch for every runner. Touch plate on the front side of the watch and water resistance are some irresistible features of this watch.

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