Adidas Fitness Digital Running Watch

Adidas Fitness Digital Running Watch

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Adidas Fitness Digital watches for men and women have been quite popular in the past as they offer a wide range of features along with a great style.

Adidas Fitness Digital Watches: Design / Comfort

Adidas Fitness Digital running watches have become early hits among testers all over. This is mostly due to the level of comfort in using this running watch. While a person is running fast on a road or anywhere else, it is possible to operate the Adidas Fitness Digital runner watch without any hassle. A large number of people appreciated this watch for light weight.

Adidas Fitness Digital has a narrow design. This design looks great but not every person is in love with such designs. Therefore, it is important that you check this watch physically at least once before you make up your mind to have one.

Some people have complained that the band of the Adidas Fitness Digital watch discolors within a few months of usage. It may not be a problem for a person who keeps changing watches after routine intervals. However, fading colors are not pleasing at all to someone who intends to use a watch for a long time. Yellowish brown colored worn-out band can be a turn-off to anyone. It’s also a fact that such discolorations take place mostly when the band of the watch is exposed to water and high-low temperatures. If a runner takes a good care of the watch, it is possible to keep its colors intact for a very long time.

Adidas Fitness Digital Watches: Usability

As described above, operating Adidas Fitness Digital is extremely easy. All controls of this running watch are extremely intuitive. You will never need to go through the manual to use various features.

Some people have complained about the readability though. Digits displayed on the screen of the Adidas Fitness Digital are taller than usual. These digits are not easily read by everyone. While some people may appreciate these taller digits, others may find it difficult to read anything in chronograph mode. Chronograph functions of the watch are easy to understand but you will need to have a little eye for the detail to operate it real quick.

Adidas Fitness Digital Watches: Features 

Most reviewers appreciated the shadow face functionality of this watch. In fact, this one additional functionality can make Adidas Fitness Digital the best running watch for many people. With shadow face function, one can easily compare lap times without wasting a moment. Although this running watch is rich in much desired features, you need to pay attention to the sleek design as well.

Adidas Fitness Digital Watches: Summary

Adidas Fitness Digital can be the best running watch for a large number of people. However, it is not a perfect running watch for every runner. Touch plate on the front side of the watch and water resistance are some irresistible features of this watch.

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