Timex Womens 1440 Sports Digital Watch

Timex Womens 1440 Sports Digital Watch

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The Timex Womens 1440 Sports Digital Watch is a sports watch for the active woman runner of today. It clearly shows that femininity and an active sporty lifestyle can go hand in hand. Timex is a brand that is synonymous with durability, style and functionality. It is not a brand that is superfluous, instead it promises the user years and years of dependable wear- ability accompanied with an elegant style. Any Timex user will tell you that the brand’s watches are quite timeless and can be worn at any time of the day and night. Timex is a fun brand which incorporates the latest in global time keeping trends in its watches. The Timex Womens 1440 Sports Digital Watch is nice, pretty and sporty- all at the same time; and that is what most women like in their watches!

Timex Womens 1440 Sports Digital Watch: Design

The Timex Womens 1440 scores high in the design department, all things considered. It is basically a mid- sized watch and though it looks quite sporty, it is still pretty and elegant. It is apparent that the designers of the Timex Womens 1440 watch wanted to make something that was as suitable for a young office- going woman as it was for a girl who indulges in lot a lot of sports and is very active. The grey face plate, the buckle clasp and the blue resin band is just wonderful to look at. In spite of all that, one does not see a woman in a suit in a corporate environment wearing this watch. The Timex Womens 1440 is more suitable for women who work in a casual workplace. Casual wear is the way to go if you want to sport this watch. Teenagers too will find this attractive to wear in their daily life. Going running or hiking this weekend? Flaunt this watch!

Timex Womens 1440 Sports Digital Watch: Usability

Everything about the Timex Womens 1440 sports digital watch t5j151 speaks user friendly! It is extremely comfortable to wear all day and the watch strap is just right. The acrylic dial window, the 35 millimeter resin case and the stationary resin bezel make it durable.

Timex Womens 1440 Sports Digital Watch: Features

The digital quartz movement is used as a basic feature of this edition of Timex’s women’s series. There is a daily alarm if you want to be woken up at a particular time every day. There is a calendar as well. Dual time zones can be set in the display; both for the time of the place where you are at the moment as well as for the place you have originally set your watch for. Timex has used its patented blue electrolumiscent lighting technology to make reading in the dark possible. This has the functioning of saving your battery as well. This means changing your battery will become less of a hazard! There is a 24 hour chronograph and a countdown timer as well; Timex has apparently featured it keeping the ‘sports’ segment in mind. The Timex Womens 1440 watch is also water resistant up to 165 feet.

Timex Womens 1440 Sports Digital Watch: Summary

Overall, a great buy for women who want to flaunt their sporty side!

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