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Thank you for visiting running watch review. My name is Jay. I’ve been a runner since high school, more than 20 years ago. There have been starts and stops, but, I’m starting to get used to my slower pace.

I’ve been very excited about the attention running has been receiving lately. I attribute this to the success of the the book, Born to Run. I did read it and enjoyed it very much. It led me to trying Chi running, which I have been practicing since 2011.

I started this site for one simple reason, I could not find reliable running watch reviews on the Internet. As a runner, finding a watch for runners used to be easy with my cheap Casio distance watch that had a stop watch. Now, the world is much more complex with GPS, heart rate monitors and numerous other features.

Currently, I’m enjoying my pulse watch made by Polar and the best GPS watches by Garmin. Enjoy the best running watch reviews on the Internet. If you find a watch that you are interested in, please click the buy link to support this site. It would be greatly appreciated by myself and my kids.

Thank you.

- Jay