Adidas Women’s Training Lahar Watch

The Adidas Women’s Training Lahar Watch speaks of the quality and comfort that Adidas provides to its customers. Adidas started out as a company that provided athletes with shoes but now it is the most recognizable brand for sportswear. Adidas has a history of predominantly coming out with unisex designs that look great on both men and women. The Adidas watches are a hit among people across the world because of the unrivaled comfort level they provide. But recently Adidas has started making watches that are gender specific to cater better to the needs of their fans. The Adidas Women’s Training Lahar is one of the best running watches for women available on the market today.

Adidas Women’s Training Lahar Watch: Design

The Adidas Women’s Training Lahar Watch for running comes in six different colors ranging from hot pink to red, enough to make any lady smile with glee and stand out in a crowd. Adidas has designed the Women’s Training Lahar Watch to provide a clean and sleek look that enhances its feminine features. The watch has been designed to help health conscious women and female athletes with their performance and time tracking needs.

The watch sports a non rotating bevel which is surrounded by four buttons for namely set/light, mode, workout and stop. The grey dial color helps in easy viewing with an easy to operate backlight. The buttons surrounding the bevel have been placed strategically to help in operating them even while running.

The features that the Adidas Women’s Training Lahar Watch packs along with its feminine looks makes it a class apart among the women’s watches available in the market.

Adidas Women’s Training Lahar Watch: Usability

Adidas has upped the usability quotient with the Women’s Training Lahar Watch. Anyone who has just started running and unsure what to buy because they do not want to spend time reading and understanding manuals then the Adidas Women’s Training Lahar Watch is the best buy. The easy and simple features come as a pleasant surprise. It is great watch for beginner and casual runners but it is not suitable for serious trainers.

The Women’s Training Lahar Watch is also water resistant hence it aids in training under water for nearly 30 minutes. Training in rainy conditions is also not a big deal now with the buttons responding in rainy and underwater conditions just as they would in sunny weather. The only down side to the usability of this watch is that operating it in cold conditions with gloves is quite frustrating. Since the buttons are closely spaced operating them with gloves is a hassle.

Apart from being water resistant the Adidas Women’s Training Lahar Watch is also shock resistant making it a multi sport watch. The Women’s Training Lahar Watch can be used across a variety of sports like running, cycling and swimming. Being shock resistant makes it an ideal training companion since it can deal with the physical shock of body movements across even extreme terrains.

Adidas Women’s Training Lahar Watch: Features

The kind of watch that you need depends on your training needs. Since this watch is a casual runner watch it comes with the basic features of 10 lap memory, chronograph, alarm and date display.


This is the basic feature that any watch for running must have. Chronograph or stop watch mode is what helps you in timing your runs in hours, minutes and seconds. The Adidas Women’s Training Lahar Watch also displays fractions of a second to provide more precise timing. The Start/Stop button helps pause the display without stopping the watch providing you with the time taken for each lap. The Women’s Training Lahar Watch also provides details of each lap where it shows the overall time taken and the time taken for the current lap. Though a runner might calculate lap times in her head, a built-in lap timer is always a welcome feature.


Most running watches should contain a memory function which allows the runner to review her training records. Hence running watches contain memory functions that allows you to store sessions within a certain limit. The Women’s Training Lahar Watch comes with a 10 lap memory meaning that it can store 1 lap session consisting of 10 laps or 2 sessions consisting of 5 laps each.

The memory recall mode contains a header page that shows the date of each session. Once you choose the session that you want to review by scrolling through the list you can check the number of laps, overall time taken and the best lap of the session. Once the runner has finished reviewing the session she can choose to delete the session from the memory.

The Women’s Training Lahar Watch comes with basic memory capacity of 10 lap sessions which is generally enough for the casual runner and for full mile splits in a marathon.

Other Features

The display of the Adidas Women’s Training Lahar Watch uses the unambiguous and concise military time display to avoid confusion between AM and PM.

The countdown timer lets you set a single time and then decide whether you want the countdown timer to start again after the beep. The basic countdown timer of the Adidas Women’s Training Lahar Watch is quite inflexible for continuous sessions since it would entail a lot of button pushing, though it is useful when covering fixed distances.

The basic alarm and backlight features of the Adidas Women’s Training Lahar Watch are almost self explanatory. The alarm helps you wake up on time for your training sessions. The Women’s Training Lahar Watch like any basic watch sports a decent backlight that aids viewing in dark conditions. It has a dedicated button for this feature which helps in easy usage.

The polyurethane band allows the passage of air between the adjustable buckle strap and your skin providing a cool and sleek feel to the watch.

Adidas Women’s Training Lahar Watch: Summary

There are nearly hundreds of watches available to suit varying training needs for different levels of athletes. But until now the watches were basically unisex and nothing was tailored to meet the specific needs of a female casual runner who wanted a stylish and sleek running watch at an affordable price. The Adidas Women’s Training Lahar Watch is a perfect companion for casual female runners looking for strength, durability and style combined. It is one of the top running watches that you can find.

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