Casio Unisex Casual Sports Runners Watch

The Casio Unisex Casual Sports Watch W756-1AV  isn’t just another running watch with a countdown timer and stopwatch. These feature rich running watches are a runner’s delight.

Casio Unisex Casual Sports Watch: Design / Comfort

Compared to other running watches for men and women, Casio Unisex Casual Sports Watch W756-1AV is a bit thick. If you like men’s sports watches, you will appreciate the design of this runner watch a lot. It fits well on your wrist and the overall appearance of this watch is great. However, do not go about the design layout alone. Some words on the watch itself are a little misleading. For example, the watch has a label ‘blue black light’ on it. However, there is no such thing on the watch. There is only an orange LED on this watch. This LED works just fine. However, it is not as great as blue-white lights in some other watches.

Casio Unisex Casual Sports Watch: Usability

Operating the Casio Unisex Casual Sports Watch W756-1AV is easy and intuitive for everyone. Some people may find it a little difficult to use different modes in the beginning. That’s usually because pressing the same button to set a new mode can be a little time confusing. Since every mode produces a different beep sound, it is easy to recognize to the target mode while pressing the button. Current time is always displayed on one side. Therefore, you don’t need to press any button to check current time. It is easy to change alarms or button beeps on this watch.

Casio Unisex Casual Sports Watch: Features

Casio Unisex Casual Sports Watch W756-1AV has got some extra timer features. These features are particularly useful for referees. You may not find them of any use at all for yourself. The battery of this running watch may last for over a day or two. Do not go by the standard battery related specs of the watch. That’s because these specs assume you will use every feature for just one time in a week, which by all means is impossible. It has got a number of different preset countdown timers. Many people also like the auto-repeat feature of this running watch. Casio Unisex Casual Sports Watch W756-1AV has an alarm with pretty standard features. This alarm bells an hourly chime by default. It is possible to turn off all button beeps on the watch.

Casio Unisex Casual Sports Watch: Summary

Considering the total price of the product, Casio Unisex Casual Sports Watch W756-1AV is a value for the money. It is great for referees. You can have it for a general workout purpose.

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