Freestyle Shark Classic Digital Running Watch

The Freestyle Shark Classic digital running watch is a casual timepiece looks great especially because of the white plastic case and silver dial, although it is available in other colors. Offering a great Japanese Quartz movement, Freestyle Shark Classic Digital runner watch is well protected by mineral crystal. It is a well known fact that mineral crystal is extremely durable in such cases. Freestyle Shark Classic Digital running watches have been an instant hit among the ladies. A large number of reviewers have already spoken volumes on how great a running watch for women it is. Now that the watch has been tried and tested by hundreds of women already, it is possible to write a realistic review on the design, usability and functionality. Now it is possible to dig out for the accurate views of the women on this watch and in-person testing results to write a straightforward review. Read on to find an in-depth analysis of Freestyle Shark Classic Digital running watch.

Freestyle Shark Classic: Design / Comfort

Most women do not really buy fitness watches for running or general workouts. Even if they do, they tend to give equal importance to design and function. It is also an additional accessory that women want to wear just for fun. Manufacturers of Freestyle Shark Classic Digital have tried their best to add this element of fun. You are likely to receive a multitude of compliments for the great style and appearance of this watch. In fact, you may just end up liking this runner watch more than other fashionable alternatives. A clean design along with basic features actually make Freestyle Shark Classic Digital watch an obvious choice for women looking to try something sporty, delicate and beautiful.

Freestyle Shark Classic: Usability

Most women who have tried this watch in the past said that Freestyle Shark Classic Digital watch was a great fit and it gave no problems at all. One can use this watch in just any environment without inviting any damage. Since controls on the watch are easy and intuitive, a number of women have used this watch during skim boarding and surfing. You can start a stop watch or configure an alarm easily through buttons on the side.

Freestyle Shark Classic: Features

With a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, you can be assured that this running watch will be your companion for a very long time; at least until the time you end up losing it somewhere. The product is completely water resistant up to 100m. This medium sized runner watch is perfect for any woman looking to buy something that has a great form as well as standard function. The most important features available in Freestyle Shark Classic Digital include stopwatch, chronograph functions and dual time.

Freestyle Shark Classic: Summary

Freestyle Shark Classic Digital has been proven to be a great hit among all other ladies running watches available in the market. For many women, Freestyle Shark Classic Digital is the best running watch ever because it adds flair and style to a woman’s wrist on almost every occasion. This watch is usually recommended for casual workouts and training. As pointed out above, a number of women are also using it for surfing.

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