Five Tips to Find the Best Running Watch

Professional athletes and sports enthusiasts put on their best efforts when engaged in their chosen sport. For such endeavors, they look for the best supporting equipment, such as running sports watch. Every athlete runs to strengthen the body so the best running watch can help during trainings.

In looking for the best running watch, five tips should be considered by every runner.

Best Running Watch: Tip 1

First, a lot of running watches are available in today’s market, so the athlete must check the right sports watch for his chosen sport. A great example is the sports watch with hard chest straps for monitoring your heart rate, as it won’t be suited for swimmers since they need to be flexible with their movements. Be sure that the purpose of the watch matches the sport before buying one.

Best Running Watch: Tip 2

Second, consider the durability of the watch, as sports require toughness. Varying environmental conditions must be endured by a sports watch. In case it malfunctions, be sure that the watch has a warranty.

Best Running Watch: Tip 3

Third, choose a running GPS watch with a wide and clear screen display for easier reading. The large display can also accommodate metric viewings through the scroll function and four text lines.

Best Running Watch: Tip 4

Fourth, the best running watch must have GPS features not only for location mapping, but also for downloading premade training manuals. The manuals can act as a sports trainer and learning the sport would be easier while enhancing the skills and stamina of the runner.

Best Running Watch: Tip 5

Lastly, famous brands must be on-top of the list as their names symbolize the best quality watches out in the market. They also offer tons of features that are not available in other watch brands. They also certify the quality of the products through a warranty, ensuring the best running watch has a long life. One brand I really like is Garmin (see my Garmin GPS Watch Reviews).

Best Running Watch: Summary

With the practical five tips that are given, a runner can really choose the best running watch for his activty. Remember that the tips given are only written to assist an athlete in deciding what kind of watch is best for him and the tips don’t favor any particular model or brand of sports watch. The best running watch for you will always depend on your needs.

Digital Workouts for Runners: A Running Watch Review

Working out can bring your body to its peak level; so taking on a sport is a good form of exercise. During training, several pieces of equipment can be used to enhance the body and your skills. It would also be great to have computerized support, such as sports watch. In looking for the best watch, it would help to read a running watch review before making your final decision.

The review must focus on the features of the watch especially the main features and strengths of the watch. It would greatly help the reader when the featured watch can measure time, speed, heart rate and even terrain. Those parameters can help in identifying the specific training needed to improve your running.

The running watch review of a GPS watch reveals that GPS watch capabilities serve as a speed monitor, heart rate monitor and distance monitor. With data right at hand, areas of improvement could be easily identified. The watch also shows the map of the current location and can provide directions despite of the presence of tall buildings or trees. Getting lost won’t be a problem with the assistance of the mapping system of the GPS sports watch.

The good running watch can also connect through to Internet or your computer and provide some already created runs, which can digitize your workout. The easy-to-follow plan can save time and effort in figuring out the best training to start with.

Style may also play a key role in choosing a watch as each person has different tastes. An athlete can also feel comfortable and motivated for his practice when the sports watch he uses matches his taste, like his favorite color. Some may prefer light colors while other people prefer dark colors. Shape and size are also part of the style as the latter may have a small, medium or large screen display in which the user navigates her watch.

With the help of the sports watch, workouts can be easier than before and no more worries of getting lost. Be sure also to watch out for the weaknesses of the watch, as they can be detrimental to one’s performance. Before going into a particular sport like running, it’s advisable to read a running watch review to equip yourself with the proper knowledge in running and sports while guiding you in choosing the sports watch right for you.


Which is the Best Watch for Running?

While a pair of the best running shoes is still the undisputed king of running equipment, modern technology has introduced a number of devices that runners have considered to be beneficial for particular goals.  But, as with shoes, there is not one timepiece that can be considered the best watch for running.  What is best for one runner can be different for another, especially if the goals of one runner are different from the other, which means personal preferences still come into play when choosing a runner watch.  After all, there are different kinds of runners, from long-distance runners who want to make sure they have the endurance, sprint runners who want to improve on speed, and fitness runners who want to make sure running is an aerobic exercise that would have good results on their health.

But that doesn’t mean that there are no watches that separate themselves from the pack by having the most number of beneficial features that generally cater to most types of runners.  But then, with the advance in technology even affecting timepieces, one can note that looking for the best watch for running has become more complicated than, say, five, or even just a couple of years ago.  Generally though, the features that a runner needs, no matter what their goals are:

A clear screen that can be read at arm’s length. This is essential especially for those who feel the need for speed and would not want to waste even precious milliseconds to stop and look closer at what their watches are indicating.

A huge amount of memory storage to save information on number of laps and times.

A timer that has both a traditional count up time and a countdown, both that can track intervals.

Apart from that, all other features are fair game and would depend on the runner’s personal preferences.  For those who want to have their location and distances noted, they should check out GPS sports watch reviews, while those who are very conscious of their fitness level better look out for watches that have heart rate monitors.


Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch

The Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch is mud and dirt resistant making it an ideal runner watch for those who hit the trail when running. Casio, famous for giving the world the quartz crystal regulated digital watches for running has  gone a step ahead with its innovations when it released the Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch. The light weight yet strong and uber cool watch is known for its resistance.

Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch: Design

The first impression of the Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch is quite reassuring with the proper matte black finish and crisp display. The Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch has the typical black/anthracite color combo of Casio with the right hand side of the dial being highlighted with silver chrome. The non rotating bevel consists of four buttons around it namely, mode, adjust, start/stop and split/reset. The writing of the functions is in yellow and is luminescent aiding viewing in dark conditions.

Since the watch is mud resistant the module of the Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch is not exposed except for the bare stainless steel back. Casio has built and designed the watch to operate even when fully covered in mud or dirt; hence the outer rubber buttons serve as a membrane to help operate the inner module buttons. The buttons can be even used underwater.

Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch: Usability

A glance at the Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch gives out its huge size. The resin band along with a double tang clasp makes it perfect for big hands along while ensuring that the watch stays on even during extreme conditions. The allen head-screws used to mount the resin band onto the watch also vouch for the extreme conditions that this watch is built for.

The band is also long enough and the watch can be comfortably worn over wet suits and large jackets. The Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch is water resistant and hence you don’t have to worry about indulging in water sports anymore. The big buttons for the functions which are separate from the module allow the watch to be used easily even while wearing gloves. The buttons are all encased which allow for easy viewing with the backlight even under water.

The only downside of Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch is the durability of the resin strap. The resin strap loses its suppleness very quickly with the formation of a white powdery substance on it. Though the resin band does not cause any skin irritation it does feel plastic which is very unlike Casio watches.

Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch: Features

The Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch for running comes with the essential features of world time, stopwatch, countdown timer and 5 alarms.

Mud Resistant

The module of the Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch is sealed and so are the buttons to prevent mud and dirt entering the watch. This also makes the watch fully operable under extreme conditions especially when it is submerged in mud.


The most charming sub feature of the Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch is its auto backlight which illuminates the display the moment the watch is tilted towards your face. The electro luminescent panel illuminates the screen and the text panel for easy viewing. The backlight also flashes with buzzer when it sounds for the alarm, countdown and stopwatch.

World Time

The World time feature of the Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch provides current time of major cities across the world. It also provides current time of specific areas like time zones.


The stop watch for the Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch has a dedicated button hence allows easy measurement of elapsed time. The maximum time measurement is indicated by the time figure. This feature works by the timer counting down from a specific start time set by the user. A value on the display also indicates the number of timers that are available while the time figure is used to indicate the maximum possible start time.

The stopwatch also has a repeat feature which allows automatic restarting of the time at the end of every countdown.

Multi Alarm

The Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch comes with 5 multi alarms which can be used to set the alarm for a specific time to ring daily or for a specific time on a specific day of a month. This function also allows setting different alarms for different functions like snooze, time up, auto start and countdown timer progress. Hence when the watch beeps you will know what it is beeping for.

The Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch also has an hourly alarm that beeps every hour on the hour. It also has a snooze feature which allows you to stop the alarm and make it buzz after a couple of minutes.


The Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch is popular among the Mudman series of Casio because this watch lets you have the twin impossible of being outdoors indulging in your favorite sports and not having to worry about the battery charge or your watch. The solar powered battery allows you to stay outdoors as long as you like while it recharges itself. The battery lasts for 3 years with regular charging.

The only downside to this feature is that the battery automatically discharges if left for too long in a place where it is not exposed to light.

Shock Resistant

The Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch is tough because it is resistant to the physical shocks characteristic of extreme sports. The Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch can endure the strongest of vibrations and impacts. The watch is also well suited for extremely low temperatures, working flawlessly at even sub zero temperatures.

Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch: Summary

The Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch though built for the dirty outdoors exudes quality and finesse. In today’s world where there is a never ending need for having the best, the Casio Mudman XXL Tough Solar Watch is an enduring classic. It is one of the toughest watches available in the market and ideal for those with a busy and rough lifestyle. This is one of the best running watches for trail runners or anyone heading out for the local mud run.


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