TomTom Runner GPS Watch Review

TomTom Runner GPS

The TomTom Runner GPS Watch is the first real product from TomTom in the highly competitive GPS watch category. This watch has some great features, including some fun graphic modes that are almost too good in that you want to look at the screen instead of run. It’s a solid entry that should be looked at by most runners.

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Suunto Quest Running Pack

The Suunto Quest Running Pack is an advanced training tool for runners, swimmers, triathletes and cyclists. The Suunto Quest Running Pack has packed more features into itself than what the Garmin and Timex or Polar offer. The Suunto Quest Running Pack not only tracks important training metrics like pace, distance, speed and time it also has advanced features for accurate heart rate monitoring. The online features that are provided with the Suunto Quest Running Pack allow users to upload their training details, choose popular tracks, compete or coordinate with other runners. Click here to check the current price for the Suunto Quest running pack.

Suunto Quest Running Pack: Design

The design of the Suunto Quest Running Pack is elegantly simple sticking to clean lines while continuing with the aesthetic quality of the other watches from the Suunto stable. The traditional round shape has been maintained for the dial making the Suunto Quest Running Pack watch look like an ordinary watch and not like some feature laden computer on your wrist.

The size and weight have been maintained to ensure a comfortable fit across a wide range of wrist sizes. The watch is also light weight. The mid-sized diameter of the dial does not make it look overly large but just the right size.

Suunto Quest Running Pack: Usability

The Suunto Quest Running Pack watch is based on the same platform as the M series which has allowed the operations to be cleaned up to an extent where only three buttons are necessary to set up and use the watch. The top and bottom buttons work as scroll buttons to move up and down while the middle button is used to access the menu. The crisp and clean display adds to the ease of use of the Suunto Quest Running Pack.

Setting up the Suunto Quest Running Pack is extremely easy. The three buttons allow easy navigation between the menu options and you do not have to go through a complicated sequence of button pushing. Suunto has kept the setup process as effortless as possible. The user only needs to input the minimum required information after turning on the watch.

The Suunto Quest Running Pack allows easy changing of settings by simply connecting the watch to your computer. The Moves Count online training portal lets you change the settings on your watch with just three single clicks.

Suunto is known for the dive watches it produces hence the Suunto Quest Running Pack being water resistant is no surprise for someone acquainted with Suunto. The watch works perfectly 30 meters underwater for nearly 30 minutes.

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Suunto Quest Running Pack: Features

Heart Rate Monitor and Foot Pod

The heart rate monitor on the Suunto Quest Running Pack is one of the best heart rate monitors provided by Suunto. It is flexible, light weight and can be easily strapped on or taken off. The flexible textile strap fits comfortably without constricting your breath, unlike other poorly designed heart rate monitors. Pairing the heart rate strap with the watch is extremely easy and it connects to the watch through wireless transmission. The foot pods work similarly and sit among the shoelaces of your shoe.

The watch displays not only the current heart rate but also your average heart rate for each individual training session. The heart rate is updated every few seconds giving you the accurate current heart rate. The features of the heart rate monitor also allow you to view your current heart rate as a percentage of your maximum heart rate.


Cadence is an extremely valuable training metric if you want to train specifically to increase your stride frequency while reducing your stride length. The foot pod helps the Suunto Quest Running Pack track how many times your foot has rotated through a particular gait cycle and hence calculates your cadence.

Since the Suunto Quest Running Pack uses the foot pod to calculate your cadence and not a GPS receiver you need not worry about the accuracy of the cadence calculation while training indoors or while running through city blocks.

Speed and Distance

The Suunto Quest Running Pack provides accurate information about your speed, distance and pace during training sessions; though these metrics are available only if you pair the watch with the provided foot pod.

Lap Counting

Using the online portal Moves Count the Suunto Quest Running Pack can be set to auto lap. This provides a new lap after every 1km you have run. The training summary will then display details like time and distance for each individual lap.

Another great addition to the auto lap in the Suunto Quest Running Pack is that you do not have to fiddle around with the buttons to change the lap while running. A tap on the screen of the watch is enough to start a new lap. This tap functionality is extremely useful while training outdoors in cold weather wearing big chunky gloves.


Once you have completed your training session you can not only view the details of the most recent training session but also compare it to other stored training sessions. The details displayed in the history mode include distance, pace, time, average heart rate, maximum heart rate and cadence.

Moves Count

Moves Count is the online training portal of Suunto that allows you to upload your training details, analyze them and schedule improved training sessions. The online portal also allows you to explore the online community of Suunto watch users, check out popular training tracks or compete with other athletes.

Memory and Battery Life

The Suunto Quest Running Pack watch comes with a 20 hour training log memory which makes the watch perfect for marathon training or adventure racing.

The battery of the Suunto Quest Running Pack promises to last for about a year if used for 2.5 hours per week.

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Suunto Quest Running Pack: Summary

The Suunto Quest Running Pack watch is one of the most advanced non GPS watches available in the market. The watch displays an impressive amount of information which can be analyzed and uploaded online. The Suunto Quest Running Pack watch is pure value for your money. It also includes a great heart rate monitor watch and a pod that works almost as well as a full GPS running watch.The watch helps you take your training to a whole new level while being extremely social with the online training portal Moves Count.

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Selecting the Best Watch for Runners

Running has become a very popular fitness activity for a lot of people over the past few years.  For one, it allows people to appreciate the outdoors.  The activity also lets them clear their minds as they solitarily find their stride, away from a lot of people, unlike team sports. Also, running does not involve any expensive equipment, except a dependable pair of running shoes. But then, for those who want to take running to the next level and really get serious with it, they should check out how a watch for runners can benefit them.

It is most likely that people reading this are not really all that familiar with what a watch for runners can do to a fitness buff who has just taken up running.  But then, there may also be some readers who have a runner’s watch already and would like to upgrade their basic model to a more advanced device.  Thus, they would like to know what the best watch for running is.

The good news is, somebody looking for a watch for runners would not have difficulty looking for one, as the choices are far from scarce, considering how much growth there is in the market for sport watches. But then, most beginners may lean towards models that look sleek and flashy, although they may not really be the best watch for running.  For design, it would be better for the runner to choose a watch that has a rugged design.  While it is true that running is not really a rough and tumble activity, running is still physical, which means something that has a sleek and dainty design may look out of place.  Of course, the watch has to withstand the elements, especially sweat, rain, and anything liquid that the runner may splash onto himself or herself in long-distance runs.  Thus, water resistance and durability should be present in the watches the runner is considering.  For the more advanced runners, heart monitors and GPS devices would of course be beneficial.