Nike Sportband Runners Watch Band

Nike Sportband Runners Watch Band

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The Nike Sportband is perfect for those people who live a very active and sporty lifestyle. It is the perfect companion for you whenever you want to go running, hiking or exercising. It can record distance, time, pace and calories burnt while you run and it has the memory to save details of your workouts for a week, so that you can review. What’s more, after you are done, you can connect your Nike Sportband to your computer and go to Nike’s official website to set goals, track runs, challenge other people and much more! On second thoughts, it also works as a watch! Want to know more about this dream device? Read on!

Nike Sportband: Design

Needless to say, Nike has gone through a lot of research and brainstorming for creating a device such as the Nike Sportband. Design- wise, it is one of the best runner’s watches available worldwide. It’s not just a watch we are talking about. It’s the whole Nike Sportband kit. The sensor that you are supposed to insert in your shoe is small and has been clearly designed keeping in mind active wearers. That this sensor is a pedometer and many other different things is something you would know if you are a Nike fan! Overall, Nike doesn’t disappoint at all.

Nike Sportband: Usability

If you have used Nike products before, you know that the brand places utmost importance on comfort. It does not go wrong with the Nike Sportband. The running watch is very easy to set up and linking it to the computer is easy too. The Nike Sportband receiver can be used easily as a watch and we have found that the wristband is comfortable to strap on the hand for the whole day if one wants! Another great thing that Nike gets full points for is that the sensor can be used with other non-Nike+ shoes as well, with the help of a shoe pouch. Minus points? Well, you can’t count your daily total steps with this device; it is meant for runs and dedicated walks only. Also, the batteries which the sensor comes with are not replaceable.

Nike Sportband: Features

The Nike Sportband is a fully featured runner’s sports watch for men and women alike. Viewing your workout level and performance on the Nike Sportband is easy. You can upload it on to your computer via an USB port for better analysis. The sensor that comes with the kit can communicate wirelessly with the Nike Sportband. Visual readouts of your distance, speed and time is also possible though counting steps is not. Nike’s website also enables users to get together, challenge others, set goals and do various other things. But first, you will have to create a personal profile on The sensor is shock resistance and water proof. Nike+ Sportband will give you quite accurate data. When used with Nike+ shoes, its readings are more accurate. Though it has no GPS or heart rate monitor, it pleases most activity- enthusiasts.

Nike Sportband: Summary

Overall, the Nike+ Sportband is a great buy if you are looking for a fun runner’s watch.

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