Nike+ Sportswatch GPS Watch for Runners

The Nike+ Sportswatch GPS watch for runners is the first GPS watch to be released from the stable of the multinational sports giant Nike. The Nike+ Sportswatch GPS watch for runners is one of the most stylish GPS watches available in the market today. Pairing up with the GPS giant TomTom, Nike has incorporated GPS into its line of sports watches which not only tracks your distance and speed but also helps record your track while training and number of calories burnt in each training session.

The Nike+ Sportswatch GPS watch for runners unlike most complicated GPS watches is extremely easy to use and with two simple button taps the powerful TomTom GPS sensors hook onto satellites in a matter of seconds. Nike has hence picked up two Innovation Awards for the Nike+ Sportswatch GPS watch for runners at the Consumer Electronics Show. Click here to check the current price for Nike Sportswatch GPS.

Nike+ Sportswatch GPS Watch for Runners - Design

The first impression of the Nike+ Sportswatch GPS watch for runners gives out the stylish look of the watch. From the way it has been packaged to the way it displays your training stats exudes the characteristic Nike style. Nike has clearly put in a lot of time and effort into designing the watch. The sleek design of the Nike+ Sports Watch GPS allows it to sit comfortably on any wrist and the wrist band provided can be adjusted to fit a wide range of wrist sizes.

The Nike+ Sportswatch GPS watch for runners is available in black and green. Initially thought to be mismatched colors for a wrist watch, Nike has managed to blend these colors perfectly to suit their first GPS watch. The colors on the Nike+ Sports Watch GPS have also been matched with some of the running apparel ranges of Nike 2011.

Nike+ Sportswatch GPS Watch for Runners - Usability

The two buttons on the bevel of the Nike+ Sportswatch GPS watch for runners are enough to get it running and for further use. Unlike most GPS watches available in the market the Nike+ Sports Watch GPS is simple to use as most of the functions are accessed by these two buttons removing the need for a complex sequence of button tapping. The Nike+ Sportswatch GPS watch for runners can be connected to the computer whenever you need to change a workout or any settings.

The change requires just three clicks on the mouse unlike most GPS watches that require you to fiddle around with the buttons to make even minor changes.

While setting up for the first time you are prompted to download a small program that enables you to make the necessary changes from your computer. The program is small in size and downloads very fast. You don’t have to restart your computer after the download meaning that you are ready to run in a matter of seconds.

Another comfort factor of the Nike+ Sportswatch GPS watch for runners is that the wrist band is made of rubber and not plastic which is more comfortable to wear and does not cause any rashes or skin itching.

Nike+ Sportswatch GPS Watch for Runners - Features

Auto Lap:

The Auto Lap is an extremely useful feature of the Nike+ Sportswatch GPS watch for runners. It lets you record the individual lap performance throughout your training sessions. The lap can be set at a particular time or distance. The inbuilt TomTom GPS sensor of the Nike+ Sportswatch GPS watch for runners identifies when you have covered the set distance and automatically begins the next lap. The summary feature in the Auto Lap shows individual lap performances before showing the current lap performance. The lap can also be set by tapping the watch each time you want a new lap to start.

Calorie Counter:

Calorie counter is an important feature for any runner. Serious athletes need to keep a track of the calories burnt to calculate the amount of food they must consume post-training. The Nike+ Sportswatch GPS watch for runners calculates the number of calories burnt by using your body weight, distance and pace. The Nike+ Sports Watch GPS allows you to train according to the number of calories you wish to burn per training session.

Tap Function:

Any decent GPS watch must have a bright backlight for easy viewing in dark conditions. Nike has gone a step further and introduced the tap functionality which allows the backlight to be activated with a simple tap on the watch screen. The light is then activated for about 10 seconds for you to comfortably view your running stats.

Heart Rate Monitoring:

The Nike+ Sportswatch GPS watch for runners can be paired with the Polar heart rate monitor to display your current heart rate while training.


The GPS of the Nike+ Sportswatch GPS watch for runners is extremely accurate due to the advanced sensors provided by TomTom. The sensors hook up the watch with the satellites in a matter of seconds.

The website allows you to store details of your training sessions long after you have to delete them from your watch. provides an interactive portal which allows online storage of your oldest training stats.

The USB cable can be used to plug the watch to your computer and directly upload the details of your training sessions onto the portal. The Nike software has proven to be extremely robust and bug free as the upload takes just few seconds and can be done across any operating software or browser.

You can view the history and details of your training sessions on Your old training sessions are broken down into various mile or kilometer stages and your page is displayed at each stage of the training session.

The past training sessions are also displayed in a calendar format allowing you to easily select any old training session for analysis.

Nike Maps allow you to superimpose your running track on a heat map. The heat map also displays popular running tracks while helping you plot and schedule your next training session.

Battery Life:

The Nike+ Sportswatch GPS watch for runners promises 10 hours of battery life with full GPS function.

Nike+ Sportswatch GPS Watch for Runners - Summary

The Nike+ Sportswatch GPS watch for runners is one the most reliable GPS watches available in the market today. It is easy to use making viewing running stats like pace, distance and heart rate almost effortless. The online portal takes your training a step further by letting you share your training details with friends while setting new goals for yourself. The Nike+ Sportswatch GPS watch for runners might be just what you are looking for.

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Nike Sportband Runners Watch Band

The Nike Sportband is perfect for those people who live a very active and sporty lifestyle. It is the perfect companion for you whenever you want to go running, hiking or exercising. It can record distance, time, pace and calories burnt while you run and it has the memory to save details of your workouts for a week, so that you can review. What’s more, after you are done, you can connect your Nike Sportband to your computer and go to Nike’s official website to set goals, track runs, challenge other people and much more! On second thoughts, it also works as a watch! Want to know more about this dream device? Read on!

Nike Sportband: Design

Needless to say, Nike has gone through a lot of research and brainstorming for creating a device such as the Nike Sportband. Design- wise, it is one of the best runner’s watches available worldwide. It’s not just a watch we are talking about. It’s the whole Nike Sportband kit. The sensor that you are supposed to insert in your shoe is small and has been clearly designed keeping in mind active wearers. That this sensor is a pedometer and many other different things is something you would know if you are a Nike fan! Overall, Nike doesn’t disappoint at all.

Nike Sportband: Usability

If you have used Nike products before, you know that the brand places utmost importance on comfort. It does not go wrong with the Nike Sportband. The running watch is very easy to set up and linking it to the computer is easy too. The Nike Sportband receiver can be used easily as a watch and we have found that the wristband is comfortable to strap on the hand for the whole day if one wants! Another great thing that Nike gets full points for is that the sensor can be used with other non-Nike+ shoes as well, with the help of a shoe pouch. Minus points? Well, you can’t count your daily total steps with this device; it is meant for runs and dedicated walks only. Also, the batteries which the sensor comes with are not replaceable.

Nike Sportband: Features

The Nike Sportband is a fully featured runner’s sports watch for men and women alike. Viewing your workout level and performance on the Nike Sportband is easy. You can upload it on to your computer via an USB port for better analysis. The sensor that comes with the kit can communicate wirelessly with the Nike Sportband. Visual readouts of your distance, speed and time is also possible though counting steps is not. Nike’s website also enables users to get together, challenge others, set goals and do various other things. But first, you will have to create a personal profile on The sensor is shock resistance and water proof. Nike+ Sportband will give you quite accurate data. When used with Nike+ shoes, its readings are more accurate. Though it has no GPS or heart rate monitor, it pleases most activity- enthusiasts.

Nike Sportband: Summary

Overall, the Nike+ Sportband is a great buy if you are looking for a fun runner’s watch.

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