Suunto T1C Heart Rate Runners Watch

Suunto T1C Heart Rate Runners Watch

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The Suunto T1C Heart Rate monitor is a watch built for runners. Suunto is a Finnish company that is preferred by people who love the active way of life or are professional athletes and runners. The digital watches that this company brings out have very advanced features and capabilities. The Suunto T1C does not disappoint at all. It is a great sports watch with features that an athlete would want during his or her training sessions. It is also a watch that you will not feel uncomfortable wearing all day. Here’s our review of the Suunto T1C.

Suunto T1C: Design

The Suunto T1C is a pretty sleek piece of equipment that is good to look at and great to use. Design wise competes strongly among all its competitors in the same price segment. It weighs 2.2 ounces, and is 44 mm in width and 12 mm in height, making it a compact runner’s watch. The band is made of plastic and in case it wears out (which it probably will), you can replace it easily. The Suunto T1C has a stainless steel back though the case is of plastic. It is water resistant up to a depth of 30 meters. This means that you don’t have to worry in case you sweat a lot.

Suunto T1C: Usability

The usability of the Suunto T1C is high. Considering that it is a digital watch, it has features that will not disappoint a triathlete or professional runner. It is the perfect training aid with features like the heart rate monitor and a way of getting live data about your body streamed on to its screen. It is comfortable to wear. The strap chest that it comes with is also one of the most comfortable to wear, according to wearers who have used it. The best thing is that the Suunto T1C is easy to use.

Suunto T1C: Features

When you first start the watch, you will be asked to enter a few particulars about yourself, like your weight, gender, age and how active a lifestyle you lead on a scale of 1 to 5. This set up can be done in no time at all and after that, you are ready to go! The strap chest accessory will have to be worn by you to get your live data while you train. The belt is unobtrusive and soft and wearing it is no problem. It will transmit accurate live data about how your body is doing. Setting the Suunto T1C to measure your progress is also easy. With this, keeping track of the number of calories you are burning in real time is not difficult at all! There’s a stop watch as well. The Suunto T1C has a huge memory that will let you store data about the last 30 sessions. The heart rate monitor too works flawlessly.

Suunto T1C: Summary

Overall, the Suunto T1C is a great watch to buy for people who lead an active lifestyle or are training for athlete meets and triathlons and looking to invest in something ruggedly sporty.

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