Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Broken After Battery Change


The Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor and the Garmin Standard Heart Rate Monitor both rely on the CR2032 battery. When replacing your battery, it can sometimes cause a power overload of your device and can make your Heart Rate Monitor inoperable, leaving you befuddled as to how it’s not working when you just replaced the battery! This is actually a very common problem that many users have come across.

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Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Watch

The Polar RCX5 heart rate monitor and watch is proof that you don’t need GPS capabilities to be cool. This baby can do some really cool stuff besides just monitor your heart rate. It has a few features to help you improve your endurance, get the most out of your workout, and can be used by runners, swimmers, or any other endurance athletes. Click here to buy the Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Monitor.

Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Monitor: Design

The screen on the RCX5 is pretty big, allowing you to monitor several things at once. It doesn’t mess around with having lots of small numbers or indicators- it features a few key metrics that you’re looking for including heart rate and time elapsed.

The band is comfortable, not too bulky or thin.

For you fashion-minded people, keep in mind that this model only comes in 2 colors- red or black. Those should be generic enough to keep most people happy, but I know some of you love your pink, purple, etc. If that’s you, this isn’t the watch for you.

Designed with the standard four buttons, Polar was able to fit a lot of functionality into this gadget while still keeping it simple to operate and customize.

Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Monitor: Usability

Polar RCX5 Running Watch

As mentioned earlier, the RCX5 works great for swimmers as well as runners. Most GPS watches don’t tend to work well for swimmers, so this is an improvement in case you were disappointed in the lack of GPS capabilities.

This watch comes with all of the standard capabilities of most watches- an alarm, backlight, low battery indicator, key lock, etc. A lot of people choose to wear it all the time, just to save money and have that constant heart rate monitor available.

To help improve your performance, the RCX5 has a few cool features that help act as a coach. We’ll talk about the specific features in a minute, but a few examples are training diaries, speed/pace trackers, and your running index.

Finally- you do NOT need to worry about charging this watch on a weekly basis. Unlike GPS watches, this model will run for 8-11 months before the battery dies. If you’ve ever had a GPS watch die mid-run, you realize how nice this little tidbit really is.

Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Monitor: Features

One really neat feature is called Race Pace. This allows you to set a target pace into the watch, for a certain distance. So for example, maybe you want to run a 5K in 20 minutes. You can program that into your watch, and it will tell you as you’re running if you’re matching the right pace.

The Polar Fitness Test helps measure your current VO2 capacity. It does this through a five minute test, and then doing a few calculations . As you may know, VO2 capacity is an important indicator of how well your body takes in and uses oxygen.

The calorie calculator helps you determine how many calories you’re burning with each workout. For folks who are trying to lose weight and burn more calories than they take in, this is extremely useful. The thing is, I always recommend reducing the number calculated by about 10%. It’s always better to be conservative with something like calorie intake/expenditure.

There are 2 Heart Rate maximum settings. The first is simply calculated by your age. Even though this works okay, the better setting is the maximum heart rate determined by the Polar Fitness Test. This is much more accurate, as it is based on how fit you are- not just your biological age.

As mentioned earlier- this model does NOT come with a built-in GPS capability. However, it does have the ability to “talk” to different sensors created by Polar, one of which is a GPS sensor. In a way this makes the RCX5 more of a “swiss army knife” of watches/heart rate monitors- you just have to pay a a little more for the sensors you want to use.

There are a few other cool features like automatic start/stop, auto-lap calculators (if you’re running on a track for instance), and training programs based on your goals and current fitness level.

Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Monitor: Reviews

As always, I try to check out product reviews online before I make a purchase. While looking into the RCX5, here are a few reviews I found on Amazon.

The first is from a satisfied customer who gave the product a 5/5 stars:

“I had high expectations but this device exceeded them. First of all, the quality of material is impeccable. Second this watch picks up the heart rate signal regardless of if the electrodes are wet and maintains an accurate signal. All of the programmable training modes are great and having a data link dongle in the box is icing on the cake. Also you can swim with this thing on. Simply a great hr device.”

Here’s another with a 5/5 star review, although they’re willing to point out a small flaw with the lighting:

“Great features, in particular: multiple views and ability to synchronize with Polar website, download customized training plans for several sports and equipments. Size is pretty flat and non-bulky. Very legible except in the dark where the built-in face lighting is too weak to be useful. I paired it without any issue to the WIND speed sensor on 2 bikes. The chest band is very functional, easy to wear and clean.”

I want to throw in just one more review- a negative one, from someone who gave the RCX5 just 1 star:

“I bought this watch 3 months ago and today it died. It is not a battery issue (new battery). When you buy this watch, and the various sensors, you are making a huge money commitment. Without the watch, the sensors are useless, so if you want to go with a different brand, they are no more than junk. It appears the only way to possibly get the watch fixed in the USA is to mail it to the one service center in the country. No idea on how long that would take. There is very little customer service information on the web site and the email address for the US representative turns out not to be accurate. Think very hard before purchasing. I wish I had gone with the Garmin 910XT, cost is not that different when you add in the external GPS sensor and the swim data is really useful. Most of all, it would probably not die after 3 months.”

Personally, it sounds like this person received a lemon. It also doesn’t seem like they’ve looked into receiving customer service, because they said they weren’t sure how long it’d take to get it fixed.

Still, it is important to see that not everyone is happy with the watch. Granted- I don’t think I’ve ever seen a product with zero negative reviews, but maybe there are some out there.


If you’re looking for a watch with built-in GPS capabilities- the Polar RCX5 isn’t for you. Likewise, if you want something extremely inexpensive or has every feature available, this model isn’t for you.

But if you’re in the market for a high quality heart rate monitor, and a few gadgets to help you train for your next race, this may be a good option. Just make sure that you buy the watch online at someplace like, because chances are you’ll save at least 20% on your purchase.

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this review helpful! Click here to buy the Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Monitor from Amazon.

Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate Watch

The Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate System is a comprehensive heart rate monitoring, time keeping watch, extremely suitable for comprehensive support during your marathon running training plan or any running program. The Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital HRM comes with some of the most technologically advanced features with a comprehensive feature set to support the needs of the seasoned running athlete. Buy this watch at Amazon

Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate System: Design

Undying Appeal in the Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate System Makes It a Universal Favorite

An undying appeal incorporated in the Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate System makes the runner’s training system extremely attractive. The watch is available in four styles designed to suit men and women.

For women, the watch comes with a smaller face and sized wrist-band to fit smaller frames. Even the men’s version comes in various sizes.

The chest strap is reasonably comfortable. I only say that because I don’t really enjoy wearing them. But, as far is the Timex goes, it is about as comfortable as it can be.

Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate System: Usability

Male and female athletes can take advantage of the unmatched features and measurement ability of the Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate Watch to make their entire running training schedule extremely easy and convenient.

Maximum Interactivity Built into the Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate System

This watch is a very interactive watch and monitor system and is backed by the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and maximum customer engagement. Designers and strategists of the Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate System considered marathon trainers at all levels including beginner runners, intermediate trainers, advanced or veteran runners and designed a system that would blend well with the requirements and needs of every marathon enthusiast targeting the coveted marathon run.

Nightlight Usability Feature in the Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate System

Indiglo night light and viewing ability in the dark, water resistance up to 100 meters depth and replaceable batteries support the rich feature set of the Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate System.

Buttons are exactly where you would expect them to be. Unlike some other watches, they have the right amount of tension so that you aren’t pushing too hard. As with all watches in the Ironman series, I just love the start/lap button on the front of the watch. As a lefty, I’m also comfortable with the positioning of the other buttons.

Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate System: Features

Rich Feature Set in the Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate System

The comprehensive feature set included in this Timex system is designed to support the long term and short term goals of seasoned runners. Wireless data transfer capability, advanced sports watch controls, a sensitive sensor for the chest, and USB device support are basic technical features available to the user.

Wireless function Included in the Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate System

The wireless function in the Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate System features ANT+ Sport wireless technology. The ANT+ sports wireless technology is a unique way to collect, automatically transfer, track and monitor sensor data for information irrespective of place or time. ANT+ features interoperability in its design, which makes it the preferred wireless transmission protocol among popular name brands including Suunto, Garmin and Polar besides the universally accepted Timex name brand. Watch wearers can use the wireless interface to synchronize their data with the online training program specifically designed to support Timex runners. The training program available online is powered by Training Peaks.

Using the Data Xchanger USB wireless interface, users can take advantage of the Race Trainer Kit for making appropriate use of advanced functionality of their heart rate monitoring system. Configuring watch settings according to your preferences, uploading workout and training data to your personal computer and accessing online software based around nutrition and workout requirements are some of the features available as part of the Training Peaks application software system designed for Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate System.

Log Maintenance in the Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate System

Among common configurations included in the Race Trainer System is a log maintenance program which keeps track of up to a maximum of ten workout training sessions during your marathon running training schedule. The watch also features an interval timer that can keep track of five running segments of variable intensity. Further, a memory extending fifty laps given an average heart rate is maintained throughout the duration of the lap. A chronograph or stopwatch is included to assist workouts through the use of interval sessions. The Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate System also information about average heart rates across a series of segments as well as peak times when heart rate was maximum. In addition, an important feature in the watch measures total time that was spent in the target heart rate zone and also keeps track of calories consumed during the entire session.

Community Based User Experience in the Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate System

In order to keep the marathon runner’s spirits high during his or her entire running program, the Timex Ironman Race Trainer engages its customers in a community based user experience. It has a one of a kind runners’ community online, which is part of the Timex customer base. The community interface is powered by the Training Peaks web application software and features training programs for marathon runners available as complementary software suites. Current news, feature reviews, product reviews, blog interfaces, useful tips, and essential training advice are all part of the online community by Timex.

Features of the community interface available to the users provide a versatile platform for marathon running trainers where they can share information about their workouts and unique experiences with fellow marathon running trainers throughout the world. This system is a unique concept adopted by Timex to build a base of enthusiasts who can help beginners or novice runners in their quest for a significant achievement at the marathon. Experts serve as professionals to help beginners and intermediate runners make their learning experience free from any serious injuries and unpleasant experiences.

Customer Centric Design and Function of the Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate System Creates a Unique User Experience

With the unique look and feel of the Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate System in the backdrop of strong customer centricity, the digital heart rate system is a true partner to the enthusiastic athlete on the way to success in any running program.

Help support Running Watch Review. The Timex Ironman Race Trainer Digital Heart Rate System is available from Amazon: Buy | Reviews

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Polar RS400sd Running Computer

The Polar RS400sd Running Computer is the perfect accompaniment for the runner who is avid about analyzing each aspect of his running training in great detail. It contains one of the most accurate heart rate monitors available in the market today and is targeted especially towards runners who are addicted to long distances by tracking every step.

Every marathon training plan, be it for beginners, intermediate or advanced runners, typically features long runs, intended to build endurance during a marathon running training schedule. Our review of the Polar RS400sd Running Computer shows that it targets this need and includes a comprehensive set of features that generate detailed information about running performance in an easy to understand manner, acclimatized for information analysis and sharing. Buy this watch at Amazon

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Full Watch Review

Polar RS400sd Running Computer Design 

Simple Physical Makeup of the Polar RS400sd

The Polar RS400sd Running Computer comes with a simple plastic body and a wealth of important functions to help the marathon runner all along his marathon running training schedule. The plastic screen comes with a clear plastic shielding that could be preserved to save the watch screen from minor scratches. Also included is a comfortable chest strap and foot pod that can easily attach to any running shoe. The plastic components are light, but sturdy.

Overall the screen is easy to use. But, the feel of the buttons is awkward given the pointed shape of the watch. As a personal preference, it is not my preference.

Polar RS400sd Running Computer Usability 

User-Friendly Features Include User Manual Instruction, Large Memory and Accurate Measurements

Every function available to the long distance runner is explained in the manual in the form of detailed instructions in an easy to comprehend language.

A large memory for data storage is included in the device, given the range of functions programmed into the Polar RS400sd Running Computer. Among other basic functions of the watch is the ability to set up timers for known intervals of time and distance.

This Polar watch comes with the latest technology for accurate measurement of a range of functions, only after ensuring complete elimination of cross-talk between different devices. The Polar RS400sd Running Computer aims at an organized training strategy for the most systematic marathon running training program. All encompassing, accurate measurements of different aspects of your training schedule guarantee that the possibility of over training or under training is completely eliminated. Of course, provided you create and follow a detailed running plan.

Polar RS400sd Running Computer Features

The Polar RS400sd Running Computer Features Several Distance Running Analysis Tools

Certain Features of the Polar RS400sd are specifically designed to help distance runners analyze their performance on the racetrack. The Polar Running Index, for example, is an estimate of your running effectiveness. This wristwatch computer takes up your heart rate details as well as your running speed achieved during your runs, to give an estimate of how your running seems to be improving. The manufacturer calls this the Polar Running Index.

A Polar Own Optimizer is another attribute of the RS400sd, included to enable you to get ratings regarding your workout and help you decide on a strategy to increase your workout time and intensity. Another feature of the watch is known by the names, Polar Sports Zones and Polar Zone Pointer. The two features are targeted towards particular training zones.

The Polar Own Index is another inclusion in the Polar RS400sd Running Computer technology and acts as a gauge to indicate your current fitness level. Another interesting feature programmed into the watch is the ability to display calories expended during your running training schedule. This is an essential feature of the Polar RS400sd since it gives precise estimates about your metabolism and fitness level.

The Polar S1 foot pod, which is included in the Polar RS400sd Running Computer estimates velocity in addition to distance covered. The S1 foot pod attaches itself to the runner’s sneaker or running shoes. The S1 foot pod is a wonderful way to gauge your pace during your long runs. The S1 foot pod is compatible with the USB device and measures your speed, distance and pace.

Since the crux of any marathon running plan is built around maintaining pace in the most optimum manner, the S1 foot pod is a clever technology included in the Polar RS400sd. The S1 foot pod and calibrations in the Running Computer indirectly give an estimate of your fitness and how well you can carry on by maintaining pace during training sessions.

The watch includes a heart rate strap that is extremely comfortable to wear. The belt known as the Wearlink belt is made from flexible material rather than plastic and ensures comfort during your extended long runs. The RS400sd features a button free operation in its heart rate monitoring function.

Data Transfer is an Inbuilt Capability of the Polar RS400sd Running Computer

The Polar RS400sd Running Computer contains programming instructions to allow you to transfer data to your personal computer using a USB thumb drive. Personal data can also be transferred to the Polar professional Trainer application, which contains preset applications that enable data sharing.

The ability of this watch to connect with the Polar Pro trainer software is an exceptional feature. Data transfer is carried out via the Polar USB connection point, which is not included in your initial purchase of the watch. However, this additional cost guarantees a full return on your investment, since the software is a great user experience and displays detailed analysis summaries of your performance in the form of graphs. It also serves as a great organizer for your training plan and provides an interface for easy customizations of known configurations in the Polar RS400sd Running Computer.

Incomparable Measurement Capability in the Polar RS400sd Running Computer

On the whole, the Polar RS400sd Running Computer is a good choice for evaluating long runs throughout your running schedule. It is an indispensable tool for any runner, be it novice, beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional seasoned veteran runner. The exact point estimates of heart rates and detailed distance and velocity measurements make it a universal favorite among marathon trainers. With a user-friendly help guide, the Polar RS400sd Running Computer positions itself above many competitors available in the market today.

Help support Running Watch Review. The Polar RS400sd Running Computer is available from Amazon: Buy | Reviews

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Garmin Forerunner 410 GPS with Heart Rate Monitor

The Garmin Forerunner 410 with Heart Rate Monitor running watch comes with a broad range of features for the running enthusiast who is looking forward to refining his running skills. This running watch offers both a GPS and HRM, to help prepare for a big race day when slight variations in time and distance could spell the difference between meeting personal goals or just missing them. The watch is simple to look at, yet extends basic functions in various dimensions to suit a range of running styles. Read ahead to see if this watch could be considered one of the best GPS watch for runners. Check pricing on this GPS heart rate monitor watch.

Click to Buy the Garmin Forerunner 410 with Heart Rate Monitor Features at Amazon.

Full Review

Garmin Forerunner 410 with Heart Rate Monitor Design 

Basic Physical Features of the 410 with HRM

The Garmin Forerunner 410 with Heart Rate Monitor measures only 1.88 inches in width, 2.78 inches in height and 0.646 inches in depth (4.8 cm width, 7.1 cm height and 1.6 cm depth). With a display screen a mere 2.7 cm in diameter and a screen resolution of 124 by 95 pixels, the watch does not deliberately feature a touchscreen, which would become oversensitive and unsuitable for the marathon runner prone to body heat and sweat.

The chargeable lithium-ion battery incorporated in the Forerunner 410 heart monitor watch goes on for almost two weeks when in power saver mode. In the training mode, with full power consumption, it is built to last for a minimum eight hours, during which time anyone participating in a marathon for the first time would be able to achieve their finish.

Customizable Display of the Garmin Forerunner 410 with Heart Rate Monitor

The Garmin Forerunner 410 with Heart Rate Monitor has display options that are customizable to minimize clutter in the display area and enable you to display selected pieces of data, preferably two or three details at a time. This is in conjunction with the details of heart rate function.

Garmin Forerunner 410 with Heart Rate Monitor Usability

Usability Incorporated in the Garmin Forerunner 410 with Heart Rate Monitor

This Garmin with GPS and heart rate monitor functions at a constant pace for up to eight hours. Among user-friendly features of the Garmin Forerunner 410 with Heart Rate Monitor is the wrist band with a quick release snap feature for quick and easy removal. The color scheme looks much neater, with a sense of power and majesty and controls are neither too sensitive nor seem too awkward while pressing. This allows the wearer to be able to push the control buttons even when wearing hand gloves or similar protection when the weather gets colder.

The advanced controls that respond to touch are designed for a number of different displays and enable you to accomplish a large number of operations much faster and more conveniently than ever before. The Garmin Forerunner 410 with Heart Rate Monitor also features several automatic tracking functions as part of the GPS, such as Auto Pause for stoplights and AutoLap for automatic lap initiation.

As a heart rate monitor and GPS, the 410 displays important notifications regarding your time exhausted and distance accomplished, heart rate monitoring and pace notifications as well as calorific consumption based on heart rate data.

Garmin Forerunner 410 with Heart Rate Monitor Features

Garmin Forerunner 410 with Heart Rate Monitor Features Superior Heart Rate Observation

The 410 is a variant of the Garmin 405 watch and exactly like the 410 without the heart rate monitor. However it is much more superior when compared to the Garmin 405 and includes a chest strap besides better controls. The Garmin Forerunner 410 HRM features a premium chest strap that is much more comfortable than the most chest straps and aids the heart rate monitor capture precise cardiac rhythms. The strap is slightly wider than some others, but you won’t really notice it.

The Tempo Monitoring Function in the Garmin Forerunner 410 with Heart Rate Monitor

The watch features a tempo function with which you can set up a pre-selected tempo based on your goals and monitor your tempo in real time against the pre-selected tempo. This enables you to ascertain whether you went faster or slower than your pre-selected tempo. This is a very useful feature for the marathon trainer who is often at a risk of overtraining or undertraining. Since the goal of the marathon training schedule is to build endurance gradually, without having to lose time from unintended mishaps, this tempo monitoring feature is an indispensable watch function.

Data Integration Capability of the Garmin Forerunner 410 with Heart Rate Monitor

The data collected in the 410 HRM can be transferred using a wireless network or through a USB cable attached to your computer. The data integration capability of the watch works across the Microsoft Windows as well as the Macintosh platforms. Also a number of standard browsers are supported, including Safari. All data can be reviewed on your computer and uploaded to various Internet services for additional analysis.

Indicators of Training Accomplishment through Your Garmin Forerunner 410 with Heart Rate Monitor

The HRM watch has built in functionality for both basic training routines as well as enhanced training workouts. While basic routines work with preset time, calorie and mileage targets, enhanced routines are designed for programming custom workouts. While working with these advanced routines, there is an option to setup alerts when you deviate from your intended pace for that session or when you accomplish a goal in terms of time or distance. Another useful feature to help you train better is the ability to create intervals for exercise sessions and rest periods.

Additional Features of the Garmin Forerunner 410 with Heart Rate Monitor

Besides basic features, the Garmin Forerunner 410 with Heart Rate Monitor includes certain useful attributes including automatically synchronizing data with your PC and using the Garmin connect interface to share data and analyze it in an internet community. Besides, the watch comes with the Garmin Training Center software and allows Automatic Browse, a feature designed to traverse through information during your training session.

Other automatic functions included is the Automatic Pause function which is a program in the chipset that stops and starts an inbuilt timer based upon your running speed. This is a great feature should you run on city streets with a lot of stop lights. The Automatic Lap function is included in the watch design to enable the beginning of a new lap without any manual intervention.

Garmin Forerunner 410 with Heart Rate Monitor: A Multifunction Concept

In a nutshell, the running watch is a multi function watch for the ambitious runner, and incorporates several combinations of basic and advanced features to let the marathon trainer precisely focus on training goals across a range of dimensions. The watch offers great features for a very competitor price making the Garmin Forerunner 410 with heart rate monitor one of the best running trainers around.

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Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

The Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS watch with Heart Rate Monitor is a high performer with smart looks, an inbuilt GPS that synchronizes in less than five minutes, an affordable price tag and an online logging and synchronization capability. The Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS watch with Heart Rate Monitor has all that it takes to be a professional runner’s companion. Check pricing on the Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS watch with Heart Rate Monitor.

Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS watch with Heart Rate Monitor Design

Unique Style of the Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS watch with Heart Rate Monitor and Watch

This watch comes in a sleek blackish grey casing with superior aesthetics reflected in the color blending scheme of its physical appearance. In the model we looked at, there is an orange color liner that surrounds its circular dial, and the back and select buttons are aligned along the horizontal axis of the display area.

Overall looks are somewhat industrial. The face of the watch is large, but not considered the largest in the market by a longshot.

Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS watch with Heart Rate Monitor Usability

The Timex brand backs the reputation of the Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS watch with Heart Rate Monitor watch and speaks volumes about its strict standards in function, durability and dependability.

Display Features

The display area is populated with essential information in black over a white background, and details are legible and clear. Extra large digits not only ensure better readability, but also add a sense of style to the overall look and feel of the watch. The display area can be adjusted to show up to four lines of training data. This means that this GPS watch with heart rate monitor makes it possible to keep track of your distance, split times as well as pace simultaneously.

Flexible Chest Strap for Added Comfort

There is a chest strap included with the Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS watch with Heart Rate Monitor that is essential to measuring the heart rate. The strap, known as the Flextech Digital strap, features a signal of about 2.4 megahertz intensity. The chest strap is very pleasant to wear, unlike the rubber or plastic chest bands, and is extremely light weight.

Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS watch with Heart Rate Monitor Features

Unique Timers included

The Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS watch with Heart Rate Monitor contains essential programmed functions, the simplest of which is the electronic timer. The watch has five inbuilt timers which can be customized by users. The watch function is sufficiently tested, including a recovery timer, which is unique to Timex watches.

Another unique set of timers included with the Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS watch with Heart Rate Monitor watch are the hydration and nutrition timers. The hydration and nutrition timers offer basic timer functionality, and the feature is thoughtfully included by the watch designers and readily and conveniently available to the marathoner anytime during his or her marathon running training schedule. The wearer, for easy tracking and identification, can label all timers programmed in the watch.

Data Storage and Transfer Function

The Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS watch with Heart Rate Monitor watch comes with a USB cable, which serves the function of data transfer as well as battery recharge. The USB cable connector of the watch is also useful while working with the Training Peaks Online log. A Device Agent attaches to the watch and enables data analysis online.

The Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS watch with Heart Rate monitor can store data for around twenty sessions of workouts. Summary is marked by dates for review later on.

A Note on the GPS Function

The GPS functions included in the Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS with Heart Rate monitor and watch are powered by the SiRF starIV GPS which connects very quickly to the satellite in order to measure your speed, pace and time exhausted in real time, during your long run or short sprint. The GPS accompanying the monitor and watch is fine tuned to connect easily to the relevant satellites as well as maintain an uninterrupted connection throughout your marathon running training regimen.

A standard lithium iron battery is built into the watch casing which also powers the GPS monitor. The battery is designed to support the GPS monitor which consumes a lot of power during transmission of data. Manufacturers claim that the battery would last for up to nine working hours without requiring a recharge. A minimum of seven to eight hours of watch function is expected from the Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS watch with Heart Rate Monitor battery backup.

Pace Tracking

Among other useful features of the watch is the ability to record rates at which you climb uphill and traverse downhill during hilly terrains in your marathon running training plan.  Altitude distances as well as rates are measurable by the Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS with Heart Rate monitor and watch.

In order to give further control over tracking your pace, the Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS watch with Heart Rate Monitor has the ability to retain up to fifty custom routes in its memory. The monitor allows you to create routes by recording around 100 waypoints through its GPS function. This feature also allows for back tracking of your route should you ever get lost.

Important Functions in the Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS watch with Heart Rate Monitor Make It the #1 Choice

A no calibration GPS technology and an accurate as well as efficient heart rate monitor are the two most important functions included in the Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS watch with Heart Rate Monitor. Several timers for tracking intervals and countdowns, a hands-free independent chronograph operation and a multisport mode for recording transitions as well as activities makes this GPS running watch the best choice in comprehensive running equipment available today.

The Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS watch with Heart Rate Monitor is undoubtedly one of the best tracking solutions available to marathon trainers in the market today.

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Five Tips to Find the Best Running Watch

Professional athletes and sports enthusiasts put on their best efforts when engaged in their chosen sport. For such endeavors, they look for the best supporting equipment, such as running sports watch. Every athlete runs to strengthen the body so the best running watch can help during trainings.

In looking for the best running watch, five tips should be considered by every runner.

Best Running Watch: Tip 1

First, a lot of running watches are available in today’s market, so the athlete must check the right sports watch for his chosen sport. A great example is the sports watch with hard chest straps for monitoring your heart rate, as it won’t be suited for swimmers since they need to be flexible with their movements. Be sure that the purpose of the watch matches the sport before buying one.

Best Running Watch: Tip 2

Second, consider the durability of the watch, as sports require toughness. Varying environmental conditions must be endured by a sports watch. In case it malfunctions, be sure that the watch has a warranty.

Best Running Watch: Tip 3

Third, choose a running GPS watch with a wide and clear screen display for easier reading. The large display can also accommodate metric viewings through the scroll function and four text lines.

Best Running Watch: Tip 4

Fourth, the best running watch must have GPS features not only for location mapping, but also for downloading premade training manuals. The manuals can act as a sports trainer and learning the sport would be easier while enhancing the skills and stamina of the runner.

Best Running Watch: Tip 5

Lastly, famous brands must be on-top of the list as their names symbolize the best quality watches out in the market. They also offer tons of features that are not available in other watch brands. They also certify the quality of the products through a warranty, ensuring the best running watch has a long life. One brand I really like is Garmin (see my Garmin GPS Watch Reviews).

Best Running Watch: Summary

With the practical five tips that are given, a runner can really choose the best running watch for his activty. Remember that the tips given are only written to assist an athlete in deciding what kind of watch is best for him and the tips don’t favor any particular model or brand of sports watch. The best running watch for you will always depend on your needs.

Accurate and Easy to Use can Describe What is the Best GPS Watch

Active people need a watch that does not only function for time checks but also to assist them in their sports endeavors. For runners, they would need a watch that can monitor their health status, track their runs and provide directions. It seems that a GPS watch would be needed. In looking for the best watch, you must answer the question: what is the best GPS watch for running?

The best GPS watch should be accurate and easy to use which means the features must not be complicated, as no technical knowledge is required to operate it. It must come with an easy-to-understand manual so that even the people with the least technological knowledge can use and operate it. The watch must also come with a warranty, as factory defects must not compromise the training and assistance needed by runners from a GPS watch.

Basically, sports watches must fit the runners, but what is the best watch that can give the maximum feedback for training runs? A GPS watch must provide style and sleekness at the same time while assisting the runner in their training. Each runner must be able to check his heart rate, distance, location and movement speed through a clear, small screen display. Heart rate monitors are easiest if they are wireless so as not to affect the mobility of the sportsmen. GPS receivers must be very sensitive as the running speed is measured while the location must be accurately determined. Tall buildings and trees must not be able to affect the accuracy of the GPS locator as the watch has its GPS antenna to provide an enhanced view of the environment by locking itself to the satellites.

Many GPS watches are already available in the market. It’s up to the user to choose what is the best GPS watch for him.

Choosing Heart Rate Running Monitor Watches in a Heartbeat

A lot of people are attracted to running as their physical activity of choice because of the absence of significant equipment.  After all, when people engage in various sports, they need to have a racket, a ball, or other devices that could prove cumbersome or pricey for some. Going to the gym may require yearly membership commitments that a lot of people would like to stay away from, because of financial or obligatory concerns.  Running is freer, and does not really give the person a sense of obligation to invest on equipment, among others.  However, with more serious runners, having a running monitor watch has proven to be a worthwhile investment.

This does not really mean that a runner cannot run or perform well without a running monitor watch for their heart rate.  This device is not really a prerequisite for a runner to be into it, as opposed to having a pair of running shoes.  But then again, having and sporting a particular watch for runners may show your commitment to your chosen sport; proof that the wearer is really serious about running. But beyond the aesthetics and the bragging rights, a watch for runners also has functions that can contribute to the improvement of the runner’s level of fitness.

For example, a running monitor watch that is equipped with a heart rate monitor easily informs the runner how intense his or her running workout has been.  Moreover, this information can be stored, so that from week to week, the runner can see changes with his or her fitness level and can modify accordingly. There are many ways a heart rate monitor can be used by runners. In order for a person to become more fit, or if the runner wants to go faster or run longer, the intensity of his or her workouts is an important factor, and knowing this information through a watch that has a heart rate monitor is a step in a positive direction.