Timex Ironman Sleek 150 Lap Watch

Timex Ironman Sleek 150 Lap Watch

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The Timex Ironman Sleek 150 Lap Watch is a sports watch that offers cutting edge performance and is a perfect companion for runners and swimmers alike. The Timex Ironman Sleek 150 Lap Watch has packed in enough features to suit the needs of the most ardent lap timer, race pace trainer and interval trainer. The Timex Ironman Sleek 150 Lap Watch has innovative features never seen before, like the drink-timer and fuel timer apart from all the things you would expect in a running sports watch. Whether you should invest money in buying it or not: that is something you will have to decide! But before that, take a look at our review.

Timex Ironman Sleek 150 Lap Watch: Design                 

The Timex Ironman Sleep 150 Lap Watch comes in quite a few different colors and styles. The Timex Ironman Sleek 150 Lap  watchband is an integral part, but looks like it will wear out before the watch, which may be a problem. The Timex Ironman Sleek 150 is quite comfortable to wear. One will not have a problem wearing the Timex Ironman Sleek 150 Lap  Watch as a daily watch. The Tap Screen is perhaps the most interesting feature of the Timex Ironman Sleek 150 that is worth talking about. Logging split times is easy with just a tap on the screen. No need to look for buttons ad dials when you are logging in the time of your run! It is sleek and quite nice to look at. The Timex Ironman Sleek 150 looks like classic Timex, but it’s thinner and sleeker. The large number display and the angled glass at the bottom give it a contemporary and stylish look.

Timex Ironman Sleek 150 Lap Watch: Usability

The fact that the Timex Ironman Sleek 150 Lap Watch is a runner’ sports watch but yet does not have GPS or a heart rate monitor is not something that would make too many people happy. But honestly, the  makes up for its deficiencies quite a bit with its very user- friendly Tap Screen. You can wear the Timex Ironman Sleek 150 quite easily when swimming too. What’s more, the Tap Screen works wonderfully in water. It has adjustable sensitivity settings and you can set it according to the kind of swimming you are going to do. Usability is high as you can just tap the screen twice with two of your fingers and the lap timer will stop after a beep. The large number display makes it easy to see the timings when you are running.

Timex Ironman Sleek 150 Lap Watch: Features

The Timex Ironman Sleek 150 Lap Watch is a fully featured Ironman sports watch targeted at people who run, hop, skip and swim a lot. The Tap Screen is one of its best features. Other than this, the huge memory (it can store 15 laps of information in it, Chronograph, drink and snack timers, target pace timer with audible alarms and 9 interval timers;  all speak of Timex’s dedication to the sports segment of the populace.

Timex Ironman Sleek 150 Lap Watch: Summary

Overall, the Timex Ironman Sleep 150 Lap is an excellent sports watch that is great for daily wear as well as for times you get nasty in the mud.

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