Polar RS400sd Running Computer

The Polar RS400sd Running Computer is the perfect accompaniment for the runner who is avid about analyzing each aspect of his running training in great detail. It contains one of the most accurate heart rate monitors available in the market today and is targeted especially towards runners who are addicted to long distances by tracking every step.

Every marathon training plan, be it for beginners, intermediate or advanced runners, typically features long runs, intended to build endurance during a marathon running training schedule. Our review of the Polar RS400sd Running Computer shows that it targets this need and includes a comprehensive set of features that generate detailed information about running performance in an easy to understand manner, acclimatized for information analysis and sharing. Buy this watch at Amazon

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Full Watch Review

Polar RS400sd Running Computer Design 

Simple Physical Makeup of the Polar RS400sd

The Polar RS400sd Running Computer comes with a simple plastic body and a wealth of important functions to help the marathon runner all along his marathon running training schedule. The plastic screen comes with a clear plastic shielding that could be preserved to save the watch screen from minor scratches. Also included is a comfortable chest strap and foot pod that can easily attach to any running shoe. The plastic components are light, but sturdy.

Overall the screen is easy to use. But, the feel of the buttons is awkward given the pointed shape of the watch. As a personal preference, it is not my preference.

Polar RS400sd Running Computer Usability 

User-Friendly Features Include User Manual Instruction, Large Memory and Accurate Measurements

Every function available to the long distance runner is explained in the manual in the form of detailed instructions in an easy to comprehend language.

A large memory for data storage is included in the device, given the range of functions programmed into the Polar RS400sd Running Computer. Among other basic functions of the watch is the ability to set up timers for known intervals of time and distance.

This Polar watch comes with the latest technology for accurate measurement of a range of functions, only after ensuring complete elimination of cross-talk between different devices. The Polar RS400sd Running Computer aims at an organized training strategy for the most systematic marathon running training program. All encompassing, accurate measurements of different aspects of your training schedule guarantee that the possibility of over training or under training is completely eliminated. Of course, provided you create and follow a detailed running plan.

Polar RS400sd Running Computer Features

The Polar RS400sd Running Computer Features Several Distance Running Analysis Tools

Certain Features of the Polar RS400sd are specifically designed to help distance runners analyze their performance on the racetrack. The Polar Running Index, for example, is an estimate of your running effectiveness. This wristwatch computer takes up your heart rate details as well as your running speed achieved during your runs, to give an estimate of how your running seems to be improving. The manufacturer calls this the Polar Running Index.

A Polar Own Optimizer is another attribute of the RS400sd, included to enable you to get ratings regarding your workout and help you decide on a strategy to increase your workout time and intensity. Another feature of the watch is known by the names, Polar Sports Zones and Polar Zone Pointer. The two features are targeted towards particular training zones.

The Polar Own Index is another inclusion in the Polar RS400sd Running Computer technology and acts as a gauge to indicate your current fitness level. Another interesting feature programmed into the watch is the ability to display calories expended during your running training schedule. This is an essential feature of the Polar RS400sd since it gives precise estimates about your metabolism and fitness level.

The Polar S1 foot pod, which is included in the Polar RS400sd Running Computer estimates velocity in addition to distance covered. The S1 foot pod attaches itself to the runner’s sneaker or running shoes. The S1 foot pod is a wonderful way to gauge your pace during your long runs. The S1 foot pod is compatible with the USB device and measures your speed, distance and pace.

Since the crux of any marathon running plan is built around maintaining pace in the most optimum manner, the S1 foot pod is a clever technology included in the Polar RS400sd. The S1 foot pod and calibrations in the Running Computer indirectly give an estimate of your fitness and how well you can carry on by maintaining pace during training sessions.

The watch includes a heart rate strap that is extremely comfortable to wear. The belt known as the Wearlink belt is made from flexible material rather than plastic and ensures comfort during your extended long runs. The RS400sd features a button free operation in its heart rate monitoring function.

Data Transfer is an Inbuilt Capability of the Polar RS400sd Running Computer

The Polar RS400sd Running Computer contains programming instructions to allow you to transfer data to your personal computer using a USB thumb drive. Personal data can also be transferred to the Polar professional Trainer application, which contains preset applications that enable data sharing.

The ability of this watch to connect with the Polar Pro trainer software is an exceptional feature. Data transfer is carried out via the Polar USB connection point, which is not included in your initial purchase of the watch. However, this additional cost guarantees a full return on your investment, since the software is a great user experience and displays detailed analysis summaries of your performance in the form of graphs. It also serves as a great organizer for your training plan and provides an interface for easy customizations of known configurations in the Polar RS400sd Running Computer.

Incomparable Measurement Capability in the Polar RS400sd Running Computer

On the whole, the Polar RS400sd Running Computer is a good choice for evaluating long runs throughout your running schedule. It is an indispensable tool for any runner, be it novice, beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional seasoned veteran runner. The exact point estimates of heart rates and detailed distance and velocity measurements make it a universal favorite among marathon trainers. With a user-friendly help guide, the Polar RS400sd Running Computer positions itself above many competitors available in the market today.

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