Pulse and Heart Rate Watches for Runners

One of the most popular types of watches for runners is the heart rate watch, also known as the pulse watch or heart rate monitor. Watches with this function have the ability to monitor your heart rate, some while the runner is standing still and others can monitor your heart as you are running.

Heart rate monitor watches are used primarily for one of two purposes. First, as a safety device. Some runners require the monitor to ensure that their heart rate is at a safe level Most runners use the pulse watch as a training device to optimize their workouts. This is the usage that we’ll discuss here.

The two main types of heart rate watches measure your pulse with either a strap around your chest or simply from the watch on your wrist. It used to be the case that those with straps would have a higher level of accuracy. However, heart rate monitors with the monitor on the wrist have increased their accuracy.

Monitoring your pulse during training could help improve your running performance. One straightforward way to use the monitor for your race training is to reach and maintain a threshold. For example, if you are training for a 5K or 10K race, you may strive to reach a peak heart rate that can be maintained for the duration of the race. Naturally, the longer marathon will require different training.

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