Running Watch Bracelet – Plastic or Velcro Watch Strap

With the complexity of running watches today, the runner has a difficult choice to make. However, one of the most overlooked aspects has nothing to do with the watch face or any of the features; it is the watch strap, also known as the watch bracelet.

Watches come with several different types of straps. Let’s start with what a running watch will not work with. Metal bracelets are almost never found on a runner’s watch. Leather is never found on a digital watch for runners as it will absorb all your sweat and quickly become dirty.

Most running watches come with a nylon velcro strap or a black plastic strap.

The benefit of the velcro strap is that you get a perfect fit, everytime, on your wrist. When running, you know that your watch will be secure and not move as you cover the roads and trails.

However, some nylon velcro straps are not comfortable. They may hold your sweat making the band heavier than it needs to be. The toughest part of wearing a velcro watch band is that the velcro can sometimes chafe or irritate your skin.

Most running watch straps are simply made of plastic (also called polyurethane) with a hook and loop to secure the band to your wrist. Sometimes, you don’t get a perfect fit, resulting in some small movement of the watch on your wrist. What most runners like about the plastic strap is that it is easy to clean. So, you can sweat all day and wash the strap with warm soapy water at night

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